Based on the US Center for Disease Control Guidelines, service providers, daily, are encouraged to screen all clients for signs of respiratory illness accompanied by fever.


All clients entering Luxury Nails 2’s building must be self-answered the following questions below. You pledge to provide only correct and truthful information when completing this self screening.


Do you have any of the following respiratory symptoms?
New or worsening cough? _____Yes _____No
New or worsening shortness of breath? _____ Yes _____ No

Have you had a (temperature 100.4*F or greater within the last 14 days)?
_____Yes _____ No

Are you feeling feverish?
_____ Yes _____ No

Are you having chills?
_____ Yes _____ No

Have you been in a facility or home with confirmed COVID-19 by lab test within the last 14 days?
_____ Yes _____ No

Have you been with persons with confirmed COVID-19 by lab test within the last 14 days?
_____ Yes _____ No

~If YES to any, please call and cancel your appointment immediately.
~If NO to all, proceed to remaining statements.

If you answered NO to all questions you will be allowed to entry to building

Please be aware of the following protocols:

  • You will immediately wash your hands for at least 20 seconds upon entry into the building
  • Not to shake hands with, touch or hug others during your time in the building
  • Not congregate in any space within the salon
  • Face mask must be worn at all times

By entering Luxury Nails 2 building you are acknowledging the potential risk to contract the COVID-19 disease during services provided and voluntarily agreed to accept services. You further agree and hereby release Luxury Nails 2 and its employees from any and all liability associated with your potential risk to contract NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19).
*The person answering YES to any of the above questions is responsible for following-up with their primary care physician if needed.