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  • Alex is absolutely amazing, he is very creative and talented in his nail art. He is clean, professional and pays attention to detail, hands down my favorite place to go!!! The prices are very affordable and it has a very comfortable vibe where you can say exactly what you want done and get it withou... Read More
  • PEDICURE... 1) uncomfortable chair at the end of the main level row of chairs. 2) Very poor lighting. 3) Inexperienced but nice young man nail tech: he didn't know how to put nail polish on my toenails. I have 3 minute video of him trying to paint just 1. 4) had to ask for someone who COULD apply th... Read More
  • My daughter and I have come here a few times, Roger is excellent but we have only had him once, everyone else needs work. The last couple times our nails were not done very well at all. Went today to get a manicure and the polish is uneven, plus I wanted sunflowers and instead got these daisy’s. ... Read More
  • All are friendly. I always walk out happy. Alex is like a son to me Emily is just a sweetheart .
  • One of the best places to go. Very nice and professional. Roger is my favorite. Does a beautiful job every time.